The Digital Transformation in Sports Summit, for the Global Sports Industry...

The inaugural event in 2018 featured 700+ executives and 350 sporting organizationsestablishing itself as the world's most disruptive sports technology conference. For 2020 it has been rebranded and refocused as the Digital Transformation in Sports Summit, providing the platform for world-leading insight on how global and domestic sports, media and technology brands can optimise digital technology to improve fan engagement and experience, whilst expanding revenue streams through digital innovation.

The program showcases the latest in data analytics, fan engagementnext generation sponsorship, and immersive digital products for the 'Big Four' North American pro sports; tier two sports leagues such as MMA, boxing, cycling and tennis; international competitions; grassroots leagues on the up and finally in eSports  featuring a diverse set of views from international leagues and brands of all sizes to complete the most innovative and constructive program yet.  How do organizations remain at the forefront of the way people play and watch sports, both live at the event and at home? How successfully are traditional right holders embracing eSports and will it ultimately increase or decrease traditional sports engagement? How can rights holders maximise their opportunities with OTT/ streaming services? 

How is digital technology impacting all the above and improving fan experiences? As the sports industry continues to face rapid change and innovation, the Digital Transformation in Sports Summit will unlock the opportunities for growth that digital transformation brings to the industry, whilst driving the message that to succeed, organizations will need to embed digital strategy in every aspect of the business; transforming people, processes, and technology. With two streams, plus workshops alongside enhanced networking time, pre-event meet-ups and the ever-popular bar crawl on the evening of the first day this is the most complete iteration yet.